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Remember Petoons Party? Well, the studio behind that party experience are back with a new hand-drawn affair, and come June 2nd we’ll see the Kickstarter campaign for Curse of the Sea Rats roll out, in hope that it brings joy to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC players around the globe.

Petoons Studio are the guys behind this latest Kickstarter project and after finding success (ish) with Petoons Party on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, there is much hope for their next title.

Curse of the Sea Rats will be coming to the same formats – console and PC – but in order to allow Petoons Studio to finish the game, funds need to be raised. And that is where you and Kickstarter come in. Rolling out on June 2nd, the Kickstarter campaign for Curse of the Sea Rats will allow the metroidvania styled game to become reality, helping cover the costs related to the animation, production and development. These funds will be critical to allow completion of the project without compromising the art and quality.

Curse of the Sea Rats packs all of the best features from the metroidvania genre with beautiful 2D hand-drawn animation and 3D environments, combined with unique real-time combat mechanics, and lots and lots of rats. And when it does appear, it promises to let you explore an island, battle diabolic creatures, and fight brutal bosses commanded by the evil pirate Flora Burn. By forging your own path to freedom in a non-linear quest through the vast and mysterious coast of Ireland in 1777, success will be found.

Features include:

  • Classic hand-drawn animation like the golden era of Disney and Don Bluth.
  • A perfect mix of 2D models crafted on a 3D game environment for a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer experience.
  • Explore a huge map with hundreds of rooms, in a non-linear quest, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies in the coast of Ireland in 1777.
  • 4 playable characters, jam-packed with weapons and special abilities to upgrade.
  • Discover all the secret rooms, special items, and multiple endings.
  • Single-player mode: more than 12 hours of gameplay for the main quest
  • Local Co-Op Multiplayer mode: up to 4 players.
  • Spectacular intros and animations to discover the story behind the characters.

So, will you be helping Petoons Studio out with the Kickstarter for Curse of the Sea Rats on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC? Hit up the campaign right now and then let us know in the comments where you have – or haven’t – invested the cash.

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