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The folks at astragon Entertainment and LuGus Studios have a fair few announcements to make regarding their drone experience Liftoff: Drone Racing. Not only is the release date set in stone, but pre-order options are now live and there’s new information about the customisation in the game. Furthermore, the involvement of two major brands from the world of drone racing have been uncovered.

In order to become the fastest pilot in Liftoff: Drone Racing, good preparation is needed. Thanks to the nifty workbench feature, you will be able to rely on a wide range of different parts to use for your individual racing drone. Through access to this workbench, you will have the option to build and customise your own drones. There’s going to be over 100 different drone parts such as frames, batteries, motors, props, cameras, and antennas. These will be officially licensed by more than 13 original brands, such as the newly unveiled Rotor Riot and Armattan.

The approach of Liftoff: Drone Racing is to offer the most realistic and authentic simulated drone physics possible. As such, every drone part changes the control of the quadcopter and has a direct effect on its flight behavior. Likewise, every frame has its own stats like different weight, size, and type, while other parts are just as important; for example, the battery. Your choice, as the pilot, might come down to weight versus battery life; leaving you to decide which setting will be the best for your individual playstyle.

Liftoff: Drone Racing is expected to take off on 10th November for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with pre-orders available right now on the Xbox Store. There’s the Standard version priced at £29.99, or the Deluxe Edition for a discounted cost of £29.74. The choice is yours, but it seems like a no-brainer to us.

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