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Cute 2D Platformer Milli & Greg Available Now


In a bold naming convention, Milli has named her cat Greg. And in true cat fashion, Greg the cat keeps getting himself stuck in precarious positions, leaving it up to Milli to rescue him. Can you navigate through the levels and save your best friend? Find out today as Milli & Greg launches on Xbox and PlayStation.

It’s never a dog getting themselves into these messes is it? And Greg doesn’t just do it the once, as Milli & Greg features over 100 handcrafted levels for you to rescue the cat. Be smart; get a dog.

Milli & Greg features all the platformer tropes you have come to expect. Jump, slide and dash your way through each level to rescue Greg. It also has a trick up its sleeve though as you can alter the gravity to give you a bigger or smaller jump to suit your needs.

With collectibles to find, and more than just Greg the cat to save, can you direct Milli through these deceptively tricky levels? You aren’t tasked with saving the whole world in this platformer, just a small piece of your own world in the form of your furry feline.

Available to download now priced at £3.29 on the Xbox Store, Milli & Greg is a slice of classic 2D platforming that cat lovers will lap up like a bowl of cream. For everyone else, stay tuned as we will have a review coming soon. Prefer dogs or cats? Let us know in the comments below!

Game description

In the all levels made by hand, Milli will face a lot of obstacles that will difficult her pass, like a classic action-adventure platform game. The game also has some basic mechanics, like jump, slide and dash. However, with a physics feature that can change the gravity of your jumps, the player will have more challenges than he expects.

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1 year ago

The author never got to the secret levels. True terror begins with rescuing the dog. Lovely game!

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