If you’re a bit of a PC gamer then you may have heard of The Metronomicon. If you aren’t, then chances are you may not. Whichever it is though, you should be interested to hear that it’ll be dancing its way to Xbox One and PS4 this year.

Currently available on PC, The Metronomicon will be making its way over to our consoles at some point in 2017. The rhythm RPG from Akupara Games and Puuba will come with multiplayer modes across all game types, a new playable character and even more content which will debut on the consoles. In order to ensure fairness prevails, PC gamers will be able to receive a free update to give them all these things too.

The Metronomicon will see you facing off in thumping musical showdowns against fearsome enemies by dancing to the beat, harnessing the powers of tunage to unleash powerful attacks in real time, turn-based-inspired combat. You’ll get to build a party, equip your gear and level up to your heart’s content, unleashing your choice of each hero’s special abilities in the process. Get as far as a boss, and defeat them and you’ll unlock further music, gear and power.

The story goes that mysterious dance parties are crashing down around the world of Koras, summoning dangerous party monsters wherever they fall. A group of heroes, trained in the rhythmic combat arts, must bring peace back to their world. Using the Metronomicon, a tome of immense musical power, they embark upon a daring quest spanning rock star-haunted castles, medieval party yachts and other rocking locations. With a story driven campaign, freeplay options, arena challenges, a variety of sidequests, dailies, and multiple difficulty settings providing players with countless hours of entertainment, The Metronomicon will allow you to as they disco your way through the world of Koras, dishing out dubstep beat downs as you do so!

“As an RPG with a laugh-out-loud story, strategic combat system, rhythm game control scheme and a rocking soundtrack, The Metronomicon is a game like none other,” said Akupara Games Co-Founder David Logan. “We can’t wait to share this epic adventure with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One community.”

When we hear more, we’ll be letting you know all about it!


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