Not content with delivering one of the best Gamescom 2015 line ups, 2K have now confirmed that Daniel Bryan will be present at the show, helping hype the latest wrestling title just that little bit more.

Whether WWE 2K16 needs more help in the promotion stakes is debatable but Bryan will be present at the 2K booth in hall 6, booth B10/A11 from 6:00 p.m. CET – 6:30 p.m. CET, ready and willing to answer your questions via a live Q&A with show attendees.

He’s sure to drag the crowds in!

WWE 2K16 will release from October 27th 2015.


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Road Kill
Road Kill
6 years ago

This face is how i look every week when there’s no news or info about this game. Just tell us if custom music in or out that way people will either pre-order or cancel their pre-order because that matters more than anything they’re putting back in that never should’ve been taken out. It has to be 2 weeks from launch before news drops, worse P.R. job in the history of gaming.

6 years ago

Here’s hoping WWE 2K16 will not join the previous games in the series in the garbage bin. I’m a huge WWE fan but the last game was unacceptable.

6 years ago

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