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Ready to take the next step in the Darksiders franchise? Darksiders Genesis is coming and today THQ Nordic have confirmed the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia release dates.

It is Darksiders Genesis which will see a bit of a twist to the usual Darksiders format, going top-down as the next action adventure focuses on the debut of the fourth and final horsemen – Strife. And whilst attendees at the recent EGX 2019 in London were able to get hands-on with the game, THQ Nordic and the team at Airship Syndicate have left it till today to confirm exactly when the game will be arriving.

So, if you’re planning on playing Darksiders Genesis on PC or Google Stadia, then December 5th 2019 is the date you should be putting in your diaries, giving access to everything that Genesis will have to offer, including the new two-player cooperative mode and the opportunity for solo players to switch between Strife and War.

Those of us preferring to run the console route – whether that be Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch – will need to then wait patiently, with the launch of Darksiders Genesis on console occurring come Valentine’s day 2020… 14th Feb, no less.

A two month wait between official launch and console arrival is a bit of a pain, but we’ll just about be able to live with things, giving a chance to prepare ourselves to take in the online and couch co-op options when they do eventually become available on Xbox One.

In the meantime though, it’s well worth taking in the most recent trailer below, watching Strife and Malgros the Defiler facing-off against each other in a brand new CGI trailer. Make sure you check it out and let us know your thoughts surrounding the arrival of Genesis, particularly if you gave it a whirl at EGX.

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