darksiders iii keepers of the void dlc

Back in November 2018 we saw the return of the Horsemen to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, as Darksiders III followed up the previous efforts to provide yet another tale. Now though, some half a year later there is reason once more to drop yourself into the world of Fury, as a new ask comes about from Vulgrim – one that brings a whole new test with the Keepers of the Void.

Available to purchase and download right now from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, and also on PS4 and PC, Darksiders III Keepers of the Void is the second instalment of downloadable content for the game, pushing on from what was delivered via The Crucible back in February, to ensure that we get the chance to check out some new locations, some brand new puzzles, and a host of enemies.

Keepers of the Void promises to be the biggest test yet of Fury’s abilities, as you help her visit the Serpent Holes in order to remove an old threat. Pushed on by Vulgrim at all times, success in the Serpent Holes will see you coming out the other side with a reward – the chance to take in some new weapon forms, and play host to one of the biggest and most sought after prizes in the whole of Darksiders history… The Abyssal Armor.

Priced up at £10.39, it could be said that Keepers of the Void for Darksiders III is not a super cheap purchasing option, but it does promise a decent smattering of content. Whether it is worth that asking price is up for debate, however our upcoming review of Darksiders III Keepers of the Void will no doubt fill you in on that. Make sure you keep an eye out for it, however if you wish to take a punt, and loved what came about via the base game, then visiting your favoured digital store right now will let you in on the secrets this latest DLC holds.

Of course, should you have previously spent the required cash on the Darksiders III Blades & Whip Edition, or jumped feet first into the Darksiders III Deluxe Edition, then you’ll find Keepers of the Void automagically arriving. It’s also available in a DLC Bundle for £11.99 too – bringing together both this and The Crucible.

DLC Description:

On a quest from Vulgrim, Fury must travel into the Serpent Holes to remove an ancient threat that resides there. All new locations, puzzles, and enemies await the chance to test Fury’s abilities. As a reward, she can unlock all new weapon forms for the Hollows as well as the biggest prize of them all: The Abyssal Armor.

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