It’s a new month so we always knew it was only going to be a matter of days before the latest monthly maps arrived in Gears of War 4…and today they have!

The latest arrivals to the GOW4 multiplayer scene bring back a highly-requested classic in an upgraded fashion to further bolster the fantastic Gears of War 4 roster, as well as an entirely new map altogether.

The first, Dawn, is a brand-new map designed by The Coalition. This is set in a stunning Outsider village and built around an old mining colony. Defined by two defensive structures, with the high ground of the bar and the entrenched mine bringing the lower side, the biggest fighting point will no doubt be centred around the vital Dropshot spawn location, which is surrounded by both high and low flanks and will ensure a risk-it-all one-way vault if you wish to get your hands on the devastating Dropshot.

The second map is that of Security. Security is a beloved arena for fans of the Gears franchise with some of the best multiplayer gameplay from Gears of War 2 emanating from within. Of course, its arrival in Gears of War 4 brings modern graphical changes and close combat improvements to help incorporate the new gameplay standards of Gears of War 4, as well as an improved spawn system for match types such as Team Deathmatch.

This new re-imagined setting for Security takes players to the fight over a glorious COG depository, with stacks of gold bars providing makeshift cover throughout the map. Key areas to the map are locked down by well-placed defensive lasers, so you can expect a tough fight as players vie for control over the disabling control that is sure to help the flow of combat.

Both maps are available to download now for free for all Season Pass holders. Those without the Season Pass can purchase them on the store individually for the price of 4.19 each.

Whilst the price may seem a little steep to some, those keen on expanding their Gears of War 4 experience will surely feel the need to jump in, and May’s maps certainly bring some great new opportunities to do so.

Will you be heading back into the Gears of War 4 universe with May’s latest maps? Let us know in the comments below or via the usual social channels.

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