If you’re bored of the usual team based shooting action, and fancy a bit of a change, then Dead Alliance might well be the game to draw you in. Before it arrives though, Maximum Games have decided that an open beta is the best course of action… and today the dates for it on Xbox One, PS4 and PC have been announced.

Running between July 27th-31st on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, the free multiplayer open beat for Dead Alliance will give you the chance to face off against opponents and turn zombies into man-eating allies across three multiplayer maps and an assortment of game modes. With the game featuring a variety of single player and 4v4 multiplayer modes included, you’ll be able to eventually see the likes of Team Deathmatch, Free for All, King of the Hill, Capture and Hold, and Solo Survival mode all in place. There’s also the Attrition mode, a fun spin on the traditional MOBA where players fight through lanes of enemies in a zombie jungle to capture the opposing team’s base.

Dead Alliance will encourage players to rethink the way they play competitive shooters; zombies are more than just the enemy – they are weapons that can be used tactically against your opponents with the help of zombie-controlling zMods. In the hands of savvy players, zombies can be manipulated to swarm or flank foes, block paths, flush out campers, create walls of dead flesh to obscure enemy vision, and more.

It may be a month or so before that beta kicks off, but with the full game due to arrive on 29th August 2017, it seems like perfect timing, allowing Maximum Games the opportunity to ensure everything is working as planned.

Additionally, a new trailer for Dead Alliance has emerged out of the E3 madness. This in-depth video dives into the FPS’s post-apocalyptic setting, in which teams of players from warring military factions battle for survival and control of humanity’s last resources after a zombie plague ravages the world.

Hit it up below.

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