Whilst it may not be the most content filled adventure on Xbox One, there’s no denying Dead by Daylight is classic thrill ride. Since it launched, new killers have been slowly arriving, bringing us some classic killers in the form of Michael Myers from Halloween and even Leatherface. Today however, we have another new addition and this is possibly the most frightening yet.

The latest content titled, Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter, brings none other than the truly fearsome dream master Freddy Krueger into the fold, along with his own set of unique perks, his iconic glove, a new Survivor also bringing new perks and an all new map centred on the Badham Preschool seen in the 2010 film remake A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Those interested in jumping in to the game as Freddy himself will find the three new perks Fire Up, Remember Me and Blood Warden.

Fire Up grows in power each time players complete a repair on a generator and grants a speed bonus to pickups, drops, pallet breaks, generator breaks and vaults. Remember Me is a perk that can only be used once per match and allows Freddy to become obsessed with one survivor in particular and with each hit on your Obsession, the opening times for the Exit Gates is increased. Although it is worth noting that the Obsession isn’t affected by the perk and will retain the usual time required to open Exit Gates. Blood Warden is the final perk available to Freddy and is another once per match use perk. It is activated once the Exit Gates have been opened and allows Freddy to summon The Entity to block the exits for all Survivors for a limited time by putting a Survivor on the meat hooks. Whilst Blood Warden is active auras of the survivors located within the Exit areas are revealed.

As for fans of the Survivor role, Quentin Smith is the latest addition and brings the Pharmacy, Vigil and Wake Up perks into play.

The Pharmacy perk allows players to search through chests faster and reduces the hearing distance and the noises caused by searching. With Pharmacy active, players are guaranteed an Emergency Med-Kit on the first completed chest search. Vigil is the second perk and is a teamwork assisting perk. With Vigil active, you and your allies within range recover from Exhausted, Haemorrhage, Mangled, Hindered and Blindness status effects much faster. Wake Up is Quentin’s final perk and this becomes active once all generates are powered. When active, Wake Up reveals all Exit Gates when in range and makes opening Exit Gates much faster whilst also revealing your location to other Survivors within range.

The new map on the other hand, Badham Preschool isn’t the place of children’s laughter and instead brings the dark and dreary dreamworld from which Freddy resides into reality. With tight corridors, steaming pipes and damp darkened surroundings, this is one map that is sure to raise a few hairs on your arm.

Whether you like to play as the Killer or the Survivor, Freddy Krueger’s arrival with the Dead by Daylight: Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter is sure to bring a frightening experience to one of the year’s best multiplayer games.

Those wanting to jump in on the experience can do so now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for the price of £6.39. Steam owners will also find the content available after it arrived last week.

Those without the content will still find content owners available to use the latest arrivals within the same multiplayer games.

Will you be attempting to take on the master of the Dreamworld? Let us know in the comments below or via the usual social channels.

DLC Description:

There are boogey men, and they do live under your bed. They are inside your room, and inside your mind – your dreams and sometimes dreams come true. Freddy Krueger knows the true meaning of haunting. The true meaning of pushing someone into that dream state where you are uncertain whether you are awake or asleep – alive or on the verge of death. Some more than others will resist sleep, like young Quentin, who is forced to head back where Freddy learned about revenge. Back to Badham Preschool. Who would have thought that dreams could actually do harm? Physical, pain inducing harm? Fear and pain stemming from a scarred soul who seeks revenge for a punishment he deserved. Freddy Krueger will always be remembered – whether you are awake or asleep. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a Chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a new Killer, a Survivor and a Map.

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