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Keeping ahead of the game is vital to finding any form of success in Hunt: Showdown, and with the plethora of DLC packs that have been introduced to the game over the years, that has never been easier. The latest – that of the Death’s Herald pack – looks to enhance things further. 

You’ll obviously need the skills to hand as well as the opportunities that the game allows should you really wish to own the space in Hunt: Showdown, but by purchasing the Death’s Herald pack, you’ll certainly be on the right path. 

Priced at £6.69 (pretty much the same price as most Hunt: Showdown drops), the Death’s Herald content pack adds in a new Hunter and a couple of additional weapon options – options you probably won’t want to miss. 

The Hunter is that of Sofia, but it’s the weapons that are probably more of a draw. These come in the form of the Weeping Marigold and Eye for an Eye – two forms which should let you take down the Hunt: Showdown opposition with little hassle. 

You’ll obviously need the base game of Hunt: Showdown to hand in order to enjoy what the Death’s Herald pack adds, but if you have that, and have been tempted into the past by the likes of the Cold Blooded Reptilian and The Kid in recent times, get a purchase of Death’s Herald from the Xbox Store

You should find this on PlayStation and PC too. 

DLC Description:

Marked by death at birth, Sofia thought her visions a blessing until the day they led four dark figures to her family home. Flames consumed everything they touched, and as she watched, the horizon turned a yellow-red, familiar faces melted like wax, twisted in agony, and four gunshots echoed in the night, each followed by the cry of a familiar voice of a family member crossing through the veil. When the last ember died, Sofia performed an old blood ritual, seeking guidance from Death. In that final vision, she saw bloated corpses, an old wooden gate, and a woman presiding over a cemetery blanketed with marigolds; her face blank and smooth, and her bony finger pointed at northeast. Sofia followed the signs in pursuit of the Four. Death is ever-present in the Bayou, stalking any foolish enough to tread among its corrupted inhabitants. And so Sofia – said to be messenger and herald to that dark and ever-present Reaper – inevitably found her way to Louisiana, where she could be close to the source of her visions, and attempt to satiate her desire for vengeance. The American Hunter’s Association did not think twice to initiate her, and she now leads the dead – and the living – in the Bayou to their final sleep with the barrel of the Weeping Marigold and the blades of Eye for an Eye at her side, always searching.

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