Farming Simulator 15 is due on consoles real soon. Will you be heading on down to the farm?

Due for release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC come May 19th 2015, Farming Simulator 15 will include all of of the PC version’s content with over 140 authentic vehicles and tools available, a whole woodcutting section with its own dedicated trucks and tools, and hundreds of acres of sprawling farmland ready and waiting to be plowed.

With playable multiplayer available exclusively to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, you’ll be able to increase your productivity immensely by working as a team, taking on the bigger challenges of every day farming life.

There’s a thrill to harvesting crops and the best way to do just that is to take it all in with a friend.

Check out some of the work needed in the trailer below.



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