Pukan, Bye-Bye! Xbox

Even the most patient of gamers will have had their moments where they want to rage quit. But how does a game full of those moments sounds? My palms are sweating at the mere concept of such a title. Find out how much it will make you rage as Pukan, Bye-Bye! is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Despite looking like Deep Ones, don’t let those Spectrum inspired graphics deceive you, games weren’t designed like this back in the day. Pukan, Bye-Bye! is a retro 2D platformer with a very nasty twist. Just as you think you are progressing nicely a platform may disappear or an enemy kill you from out of nowhere. It isn’t so much a game you enjoy, more one you simply survive. For some people, this sounds like pure heaven. For many others, it is an idea worse than Hell itself.

Can you make it through the 26 levels without breaking a controller or two?

Pukan, Bye-Bye! is available to download now priced at £4.19 on the Xbox Store. Become the martyr this game wants you to be. Or, for that price, gift it to a friend and watch them descend into a fit of rage. We may have a review of Pukan, Bye-Bye! soon once we have found a brave soul/foolish idiot to give it a try for us.

Game description:

Let’s begin with «hard» — this word has been created by some sore loser and douchebag. Only the person who can’t be trusted will label video games with those, and not video games only! Who has the right to decide what is easy and what is not for another man? That’s why you won’t see any self-praising words regarding Pukan, Bye-Bye difficulty in this description. Only by playing yourself you’ll be able to estimate if it’s hard or not hard enough. In the meantime, I’ll give you an advice to get more patience. Frankly speaking, I found myself not having enough of it.

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