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When Goat Simulator burst onto the scene back in 2014, we couldn’t have forecast the reaction it would have. Some gamers loved it, some absolutely hated it, but it certainly gathered up a bit of a cult following as bugs and utter insanity played out. Now though it’s time to totally forget about the goat, as DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game is here. 

Launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass and PC today, with PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch players getting in on the action come Nov 25th, DEEEER Simulator from PLAYISM and Gibier Games will look to jump onto the coat tails of Goat Sim as you become a bipedal criminal deer, one whose only goal is take make humanity tremble. 

It’s priced at £16.74 and sees you reborn as a deer, left to frolic on the peaceful continent of Orchestralia; a place that is full of humans and animals. From there you’ll get to bestow gifts to the humans there in the form of antlers, to become a slice of bread from that other totally wacky game, I Am Bread, and ultimately live in peaceful harmony. 

Unless you don’t want to of course. You see, in DEEEER Simulator you can instead go about creating utter havoc, painting the town red, picking up pistols and laser rifles, and slinging the deer’s elongated neck to grapple to objects and fling it across the map. You’ll also be able to grab a ride on cars, or get a bit more wild and take horses and fish for a spin. The world won’t be able to handle the Deerstruction. 

That havoc increases the Deersaster meter, summoning the police. The force consists of polar bears, sheep, and rabbits, but they’re heavily armed and it’s deer season. Should you therefore commit too much crime, they’ll summon giant police robots composed of multiple conjoined animals to hunt you down.

This 1.0 version and console debut includes an expanded story which asks you about the meaning of deer life.

“We can’t wait to see the mayhem the console community will make as they finally get to explore the world of DEEEER Simulator,” said “Naspapa”, Founder, Gibier Games. “Creativity is the only limit to how they destroy this poor city and terrorise its inhabitants.”

You’ll find DEEER Simulator present on the Xbox Store. Go and grab it, either paying up the asking price or making the most of Game Pass. You’ll also find the game on PC and, from November 25th, on PS4, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Game Description:

DEEEER Simulator is a game in which you take on the role of your average, everyday deer. Use your stretchy neck, your stabby horns, and everything a deer has in its arsenal to tear through the city. Frolic and play with the other animals or decimate the city till there’s nothing left in this “slow-life town destruction game”. Get up to enough naughtiness and you’ll have to face off against some extra-tough animal police. Kung fu master sheep, bears who transform into police cars, and rabbits with ridiculously over-developed ears… They’re all out to get you! Live life as a deer in the city and unleash your true potential! And don’t forget to uncover the dark secret behind the city…

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