If you are in the market for an extremely colourful, exhilarating and sometimes challenging shoot-em-up type deal, then Defenders of Ekron is one new title that you should take a look at.

Unlike many other fast-paced shmups, Defenders of Ekron includes a number of adventure and explorational features in order to tell a deep tale of war and darkness. You will play as a new space cadet known as Eneas who is using his very own mech – his Anakim – during a dangerous civil war, discovering dark secrets about the Technocratic Republic of Ekron.

Through the course of 10 different missions, you will be found engaging in shoot-em-up action against a variety of enemies, requiring a high level of dexterity and reactions in order to achieve the highest scores. Upgrading your mech with different offensive abilities to aid you in combat, such as Power Sabres and Pyromancy.

As this new Xbox One, PS4 and PC version of Defenders of Ekron is considered a Definitive Edition, then gamers will be treated to some added goodies, such as the retro vertical-shooter Invaders of Ekron as well as the highly requested Boss Rush mode, wherein 13 bosses will be thrown at you in a major test of skill.

Features include:

  • A sci-fi strong narrative experience with an innovative mixture between the “adventure” and “shoot’em up” genres including dungeons and exploration.
  • Take up the special abilities of your enemies and create your own combat style according to your preferences.
  • Improve the skills of your Anakim using the Oxus that you get from the different missions and challenges.
  • Test yourself in more than 50 challenges available in the Training Room.
  • Complete your database with information about your enemies, objects and lost documents. In addition, you can unlock the soundtrack created by the Chilean band, Action Replay.
  • Play the mini-game “Invaders of Ekron”, a vertical shoot’em up with 8-bit retro style.
  • Unlock the Boss Rush Mode and compete for the highest score by taking down every boss in a frenetic and action-packed gameplay.
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Defenders of Ekron is certainly looking like an exciting, fast-paced title to get stuck in to. It can be purchased on Xbox One from the Xbox Store for £10.39, and can bought for PC and PS4 from today also.

If you’re not sure, keep an eye out for our review. It’s coming soon!

Game Description:

Defenders of Ekron is an Adventure/Shmup game that mixes the classic action of a Shmup and the exploration of an Adventure game, including dungeons and a sci-fi experience. You take the role of Ekeas, a young and bold cadet that has trained his entire life to pilot his Anakim, an advanced mech capable of absorbing and transforming the energy around it into a special ability, but something goes wrong and Eneas is forced to join an experimental program to face the Renegades, a group of rogue Anakim pilots, that threaten to destroy the nation by leading a civil war. With features like 360° shooting range, unique scenarios to discover, exploration modes to analyze the environment, a powerful shield, and different upgradable Combat modes, you must defend the Technocratic Republic of Ekron, but be careful, for dark secrets await and the limits between right and wrong will slowly fade. Listen to your instinct, because revolution starts within.


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