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There is an abundance of 2D arena brawlers available right now, but today’s arrival of Paperbound Brawlers on Xbox One seemingly injects new life into the genre with a mechanic that literally flips the game on its’ head.

Previously a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Paperbound Brawlers has a unique design where every surface and structure has its own gravitational pull, allowing players to walk on the underside of platforms and leap from one end of the screen to the other with relative ease. But best of all, you yourself are in control of you own gravity, using a quick button press and you can flip the direction the force is impacting you.

Fights take place throughout the pages of old books, and each fighter is equipped with a pair of scissors and an ink bomb for a wider ranged attack. Additional weapons can be acquired throughout the various game modes including deathmatch, gravity ball and capture the quill.

Hitting the required number of kills in Deathmatch doesn’t necessarily mean a win though; you still need to find the portal to exit the map. This gives other players the opportunity to steal a few more kills so it is advised to never rest on your laurels!

Paperbound Brawlers also features a campaign that can be completed in single player but also in co-op with two players.

There are also a diverse cast of characters to choose from, some of which are making cameo appearances from other popular indie games.

Paperbound Brawlers promises fast-paced gravity-defying party brawler, and from my knowledge may be the only game to actively encourage running with scissors (Not something we condone). Priced at £8.39 and available to download now for Xbox One from the Xbox Store, Paperbound Brawlers may just be your new favourite local multiplayer game.

Game Description:

Be a gravity ninja in this local multiplayer action-fest. Up to four players run with scissors, walk on walls, and lob ink bombs in whimsical-yet-intense battles within the pages of old storybooks. Includes quick play for up to four players and a campaign mode for one or two players. Try Gravity Ball, Capture the Quill, Classic Deathmatch, and more!

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