By utilising different aspects of heat and cold, Degrees of Separation will see you trying to make your way thorough its atmospheric 2D puzzles, either alone, or with a cooperative friend. Today we find out exactly when we’ll be able to get hands on with it all too, as Modus Games partner up with Moondrop Studios.

With the publishing and development side of things going great guns, news arrives that Degrees of Separation will be coming to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC this Winter, in February 2019 in fact.

Taking on the roles of Ember and Rime, you will need to manoeuvre your way through the puzzling adventure experience in front of you, seeing the two use their respective powers in order for progression to be made.

A spectacular world of fantasy and adventure awaits and whether you decide to power on through alone, or with a co-op partner by your side matters little, as it is working towards a common goal which is the most important consideration.

“The combination of innovative mechanics and powerful narrative is what drew us to this game,” said Christina Seelye, CEO of Modus Games. “It’s why we seek out these very important indie titles that have a true story to tell.”

“We are incredibly excited to have players step into the shoes of Ember and Rime,” said Andreas Fuglesang, CEO and Programmer at Moondrop Studios. “We can’t wait to reveal more of their journey in the coming months!”

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