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You may have heard of In Sound Mind, and you may even have played a demo of it on PC through Steam, but today Modus Games are starting to crank up the hype-o-meter with the announcement of a Deluxe Retail Edition of the psychological horror, ahead of the game releasing on Xbox Series X, PS5, PC and now also Nintendo Switch.

Coming from Modus Games, In Sound Mind was first announced back in June 2020, and whilst a full release date is still unknown, for those who get their kicks from the touchy-feely side of physical media, excitement must build

Coming to Xbox Series X, PS5, the newly announced Nintendo Switch and PC, In Sound Mind is a first person horror experience that will see you putting your wits, and your skills, to the test against some of the most unpredictable dangers. Taking a series of individual’s memories, it will look to twist and amend the usual recollections into what could well be the most terrifying of nightmares, creating shocking scenes, terrifying threats and a whole load of mystery. Christ, it features a talking cat, for goodness sake.

Features include:

  • A new survival horror experience from the creators of the legendary Nightmare House 2.We Create Stuff, the team behind one of highest-rated mods of all time returns with an unexpected spin on the horror genre.
  • Experience a series of haunting memories.Journey through a progression of unsettling stories, each with unique puzzles, mechanics, weapons, and boss fights.
  • Overcome a cast of terrors.Confront those who stalk you in a series of daunting boss fights and learn how to defeat them by solving mind-bending puzzles.
  • An eerie soundtrack by The Living Tombstone. The internet icon lends his distinct sound to this next generation psychological thriller, with a distinctive song for each story.
  • Unexpect the expected.Explore an imaginative and disorienting narrative, featuring sentient mannequins, a feline companion, and much more. And yes, you can pet the cat.
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If you’re interested in what In Sound Mind will be bringing Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC players, then the new Deluxe Edition at retail is possibly the way to go. You can pre-order it right now over at the Maximum Games Store, and should you wish to will find yourself becoming the proud holder of a copy of the game, a digital soundtrack that has been composed by those at The Living Tombstone and a digital artbook. It’ll set you back £34.99/€39.99, whilst the digital standalone game will be available for £29.99/€34.99 on all platforms.

Is this reality bending psychological thriller something you’re keeping an eye on? Let us know in the comments. And if you wish to know more, make sure you check out that Steam demo.


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