1C Company have today revealed that they are publishing the heaven and hell themed, third-person action game, Devil’s Hunt. Are you willing to go to hell and back by getting involved in the long-standing battle between Angels and Demons?

Developed by Layopi Games, Devil’s Hunt will throw players into the role of Desmond, a guy with demonic powers and the potential to decide the fate of the world, simply by picking either side during the conflict. It’s a game that’s based on the hit Polish fantasy novel “Equilibrium”, bringing to life the all-out war between the light and darkness, Angels and Demons, with the mortal world set to be the battleground. Desmond not only has to choose which side to align himself with, but also make the best use of his demonic and human assets, fighting the enemy with his fists and claws.

Key Features:

  • Captivating Storyline: Based on the original novel by Polish author Paweł Leśniak
  • Change Forms: Exercise useful human and demon skills alike to overcome obstacles
  • Fight Like a Demon: Third person melee combat with large variety of attacks, combos, and enemies
  • Deep Narrative: Expressed through gameplay and high-quality cutscenes
  • Explore the Mortal World: Rich, context sensitive environment interactions

If you’re going to be attending Gamescom, then head on over to 1C’s booth to get some hands-on with Devil’s Hunt. As for its actual release, it’s expected to launch in 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC – we’ll be sure to let you know when a more concrete date is announced.

So… which side will you be on?

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