If you like extreme downhill freeriding then Descenders should be on your radar. And very soon it’ll be coming to Xbox Game Preview. Want to know exactly when?

Well, May 15th 2018 is the date you need to worry about (yes, that is soon!), as that will be the day when Descenders bursts out of the PC soon to hit our consoles.

Whilst it may not be a full launch, with RageSquid and No More Robots deciding to utilise the Game Preview approach, it does signify an exciting time for gamers – especially those who like a bit of downhill cycling.

With a price tag of $24.99 / £19.99 / 22.99 euros in place, procedurally generated worlds to enjoy and some downhill mountain biking with fast paced extrreme action, it should certainly be one to check out… if only because it promises to be super easy to pick up and play, but supremely difficult to master.

Riding, whipping and scrubbing your way to victory, you’ll find a deep physics system and tight controls that will allow you to string together incredible trick combos, as you make your way down the mountain slopes in the fastest, safest, way possible.

The inclusion of procedurally generated worlds will mean that no two runs are ever the same, and when you combine this with special challenge nodes to discover and nerve-racking Boss Jumps that promise to sort the casuals from the pros, the replayability found in Descenders should be high. In fact, with 3.5 billion levels to explore, dozens of mutators to pick up, hidden nodes to find and a whole ton of unlockable kits, helmets, bikes and accessories, Descenders is packed with many, MANY hours of content.

Descenders will be available for those wishing to help its development via the Xbox Game Preview scheme, and enhanced for Xbox One X come May 15th. Will you be giving it a shot?

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