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For any new players to the Destiny 2 franchise, the order you should play the campaign in can get a little messy. Without taking the story into account, New Light can become confusing when you try and learn where to go and what you need to do next. You’ll have lots of missions to work through, and playing them in sequence can be challenging. Here is a list of all of the campaigns in order

  • The Red War
  • Curse of Osiris
  • Warmind
  • Forsaken
  • Shadowkeep
  • How to start a Destiny 2 campaign

You should pay Amanda Holliday a visit dealing with a chassis of a sparrow if you fancy trying your hand at some of the Destiny 2 legacy content. Head over to the Hangar of the Tower to locate this shipwright. Head down left towards the Hangar once you load into the Tower, and you’ll see Amanda beneath a red sign plastered with 02 to give a clear indication you’re in the right place.

After campaigns begin to age, they are referred to as legacy campaigns, and Amanda is the key to pursuing these as she’ll have them listed in her stock. You simply need to collect the campaigns you want to try, and if you have them in your inventory, you can select one to help you track it. This helps in the Director Destinations tab to locate your next mission.

Which order should I play the campaign?

Destiny 2 has over 50 campaign missions, each cropping up at a different point of the storyline. The Cosmodrome will be the first place you go to for your first mission for those new to the game. You’ll get a new weapon and will take out a Spider Tank.

After you finish the first mission, the choice is yours. You can play any of the campaign missions. New Light, for example, includes the three Destiny 2 year one legacy campaigns; The Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind.

Both the Forsaken and Shadowkeep campaigns are currently still expansions that you’ll need to shell out for.

1. The Red War

Collect the Red War campaign from Amanda and head to the Tower to begin.

  • Homecoming
  • Adieu
  • Spark
  • Devrim Kay
  • Combustion
  • Hope
  • Riptide
  • Utopia
  • Looped
  • Six
  • Sacrilege
  • Fury
  • Payback
  • Unbroken
  • Larceny
  • 1AU
  • Chosen

2. Curse of Osiris

You’ll need to collect the campaign from Amanda and head to Mercury to begin Curse of Osiris.

  • The Gateway
  • A Deadly Trial
  • Beyond infinity
  • Deep Storage
  • Tree of Probabilities
  • Hijacked
  • A Garden World
  • Omega

3. Warmind

Collect the campaign from Amanda and start it from Mars to begin the final legacy campaign.

  • Ice and Shadow
  • Pilgrimage
  • Off-World Recovery
  • Strange Terrain
  • Will of the Thousands

4. Forsaken

Head to the Director as the forsaken needs to be started at the Tangled Shore; select that at the bottom of the screen along with the Forsaken Shield. 

This campaign ramps up the difficulty, so it is worth checking out the various Destiny 2 Carry Services available when you get stuck.

As previously mentioned, the Forsaken campaign is content you will need to purchase.

  • Last Call
  • High Plains Blues
  • Scorned
  • The Mad Bomber
  • The Rider
  • The Trickster
  • The Hangman
  • The Mindbender
  • The Rifleman
  • The Machinist
  • Nothing Left to Say

5. Shadowkeep

Lastly is the Shadowkeep campaign. You need to head to the Moon. Bear in mind that this campaign’s progression is a little hard to get your head around, so it would be worth researching to understand how progression is tracked.

  • A Mysterious Disturbance
  • In Search of Answers
  • Ghosts of Our Past
  • The Scarlet Keep
  • In the Deep
  • The Nightmare Cometh
  • Beyond

We hope you’ve found our Destiny 2 campaign order guide helpful, and as always, drop us a line in the comments if you need some help.