Those delving into the hostile world of GRIP: Combat Racing will be treated to a whole host of sick sounds to accompany the fast, arcade combat racing action on offer. But not only has the full soundtrack been revealed by Wired Productions and developers Caged Element, they’ve also unveiled the Collector’s Edition.

When GRIP: Combat Racing arrives for the masses next month, the pure destruction as competitors battle fiercely to cross the finish line first will be complemented by a 24-strong line-up of tracks, including plenty of drum and bass to ensure that your adrenaline is pumping. Amongst the selection are 11 tracks licensed by Hospital Records, a London-based independent record label, primed for getting your pulse racing. Here’s a full list of what’s set to feature on the soundtrack:

  • Battery x Makoto “Submerge
  • Entita “Can’t Wait”
  • Full Kontact “The Creeper”
  • Full Kontakt “BlackOut”
  • Full Kontakt “Clock Watch”
  • Full Kontakt “Cyborg”
  • Full Kontakt “Power Train”
  • Imperium “Cerbera”
  • Inja x Pete Cannon “War Games“ (Instrumental)
  • Kevin Green Lee “GRIP”
  • Krakota “Citadels
  • Krakota x Urbandawn “Coyote”
  • Lynx “Clap Track
  • Mart-E “Boost Empire”
  • Pragmatic “Going Down”
  • Rawtekk “Restless
  • Revaux “Solidify”
  • Royalston “Diorama
  • Silence Groove “Reconnect”
  • Whiney “Sunday Grunge
  • Whiney “Talisman
  • Xtigma “Crash City”

“We’re super excited to have Hospital Records on board, bringing their industry-leading line-up to GRIP: Combat Racing and joining forces with the rest of our great soundtrack roster,” said Chris Mallinson, Game Director for GRIP: Combat Racing. “We think players will love pumping the huge tunes we’ve got in the game.”

And then there’s the limited Collector’s Edition to consider, with only 500 units in production and just 300 of them being made available for general sale. Purchasing it from the Wired Productions shop will enable you to get your hands on the game itself, the soundtrack on double vinyl, CD and via an MP3 download, a GRIP USB Drive, three of the 12” double-side art prints, a classic game manual, a GRIP Sick Bag (just in case), vehicle decals and some exclusive DLC (Nyvoss Hex Paint Kit, Vortex Rims and more Decals)

The spiritual successor to Rollcage – GRIP: Combat Racing – is careering towards its 6th November release date on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam for Windows PC, when your reflexes will be tested to the limit as you hurtle towards the finish line and hope to cross it first amid the chaos.

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