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Diablo III has been out on Xbox 360 for a good few months already, but if you haven’t yet experienced it, then it may be an idea to hold off until the Ultimate Evil Edition hits both the 360 and Xbox One in August.

If you’ve yet to vanquish the Lord of Terror, then the Ultimate Evil Edition should be your port of call come 19th August. Containing the original Acts I-IV of the original Diablo III, this special edition is filled to the brim with fast-paced action, awe inspiring heroes and treasure galore! It will also include the Reaper of Souls expansion set giving you even more game time.

But maybe the biggest choice you’ll now have is which console to purchase it on….Xbox 360 or Xbox One? The choice is yours but some added good news is that those who own the previous console edition of Diablo III will be able to keep their characters in this new edition, meaning any Xbox 360 gamers can safely make the jump to Xbox One without losing their progress.

Additionally, pre-order the game and you’ll have the chance to wear some of the awesome looking shoulder plates seen below.

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