Playing video games over the years has generally been portrayed in a negative light, with people viewing it as being unhealthy and lazy due to the limited movement and lack outdoor exposure.

But there are several health benefits for playing video games, both mentally and physically. According to the 2022 Essential Facts about the Video Game Industry report the popular reasons are that video games bring joy (93%), provide mental stimulation (91%) and stress relief (89%).

Also, more than 70% of gamers play with a friend, as well as millions of other people worldwide that participate in online gaming such as Fortnite and Call-of-Duty. So, it also allows people to connect with their friends when they are unable to see them in person.

Now it seems that gaming also has physical benefits. Research from Betway Insider shows that you can burn a maximum of 538 calories in a 90-minute gaming session. According to their study, of the 17 gamers that took part, Fortnite was the game that burnt the most calories. Gamers burnt 194 calories on average whilst playing the game, which in exercise terms would equal doing 239 crunches, 163 knee push-ups and 353 squats.

FIFA 22 came in at second, burning 189 calories in a 90-minute session, followed by Call of Duty: Warzone (188).

But Call of Duty: Warzone was the game that got gamers hearts racing the most, with heart rates peaking at 119 BPM and averaging at 86 BPM. Given the tense nature of Warzone, a Battle Royal format involving 100 different players, it’s hardly surprising this game is the one that gets gamers hearts racing the most. 

This was followed by FIFA 22 which made gamers heart rates peak at 118 BPM. If anyone has played FIFA Ultimate Team knows just how much this game can test ones patience, so it is surprising that this one doesn’t take the top spot right?

If you want to see which other games are good for burning calories, you can see the full research below:

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