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Fancy a proper test of your gaming skills? Space Robinson has made his way to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and if it’s going to prove anything, it’s going to be whether or not you’re a proper die-hard!

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Space Robinson joins console after a stint on PC through Steam, a place where it’s gathered up a host of mostly positive reviews since it launched way back in 2019. 

Now on console, running with a price point of £8.39, Space Robinson brings his unforgiving, hardcore roguelike action to a host of new players, as they attempt to survive in an abandoned space base. The problem is this base is totally overrun with hostile life and only by utilising the skills of Space Robinson will you be able to find a way to victory. 

Expect to take in death after death after death in Space Robinson, but like any good roguelike at least the resources you earn before being grounded stay with you, letting you utilise them before going out to try and try again. 

You’ll need those resources too as this is a game that comes with not just procedurally generated stages, but day and night cycles to really keep you on your toes, providing plenty of challenge in the process. 

Thankfully though, you won’t necessarily be alone. Nope, whilst no one can hear you scream in space, you can at least summon a little space pet in the form of an angel pig, a devil dog or a rocket raccoon. And if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from watching hours of The Raccoons back in the day, give a raccoon a rocket launcher and utter chaos will ensue. Although thinking about it now we’re not sure old Bert ever had access to such technology in the Evergreen Forest. But we bet he wished he did. That damn Cyril Sneer…

Features include:

  • Challenges – Take pride in the game’s challenging design. Death is just a part of the true hardcore rogue-like experience afterall. But worry not, you’ll keep many of the precious resources you collect during your adventures when you respawn back at the base, others you will need to venture out again to recover.
  • Get Allies – Summon a raccoon, dog, or flying pig to help you venture deeper into the depths of the unforgiving world. These brave beasts are your only friends in the world, literally.
  • Fresh Gameplay – Procedurally generated levels with day and night cycles that will present new challenges for you to conquer. So hopefully you’re not afraid of the dark.
  • Craft and Upgrade – Collect crystals, artifacts, and level up as you play. Upgrade, craft new weapons, and repair the colony units to increase your chances of survival.

If you’re after that test of your skills then Space Robinson is sure to provide it. Our full review of the game will be along in the days ahead and should let you know how things play out, but in the meantime you’ll be best served heading to the Xbox Store

Game Description:

Survive the unforgiving world in the action rogue-like adventures of Space Robinson. After crashing into an abandoned colony base overrun with hostile life, you must find a way to survive the elements armed at first with only a gun and wrench. Find friends and upgrade your way to victory.

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