Golf With Your Friends the deep

When Team17 and Blacklight Interactive rolled Golf With Your Friends out on to Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC back in May, we were expecting a fun crazy golf experience that would tide us over a few nights. Months later, we’re still playing it, mostly due to the sheer fun it brings when a group of like-minded gamers come together for a round or two. Now though Golf With Your Friends is getting bigger, better, and wetter, with a brand new free course that will allow us to take a dive into The Deep. 

Available today on console and PC as part of the latest free update for Golf With Your Friends comes The Deep, a whole new set of 18 holes that take us into the darkest depths of the sea – a course that is complete with sea creatures waiting to gobble up your ball. 

Full of sunken treasure, cannons to help us overcome the wet stuff, giant sea creatures and maybe even the arrival of a Kraken occasionally, The Deep sounds like a great way to enhance and expand the world of Golf With Your Friends. The fact that it is free, just seals the deal. 

You can check out how The Deep plays out by checking out the trailer below. If it looks like something that takes your fancy, then just fire up Golf With Your Friends on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC, let the free update hit home and enjoy everything that is on offer. If you don’t yet have the game, head over to your favoured digital store and grab the game.

Let us know in the comments if you wish to go for a round or two. We’re always up for hitting the crazy courses found in Golf With Your Friends. 

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