Doja Cat House Party

Sold as a 3D comedy adventure, House Party has been drawing in the crowds on Steam since 2017. Now though, just as a full console launch is being prepared, the music ramps up with the addition of Doja Cat.

The American music award-winner, Doja Cat, will arrive in House Party later this year, with a side story that is voiced by Doja Cat herself. It’s planned to drop in just after full launch in Summer 2022, when Eek! Games look to deliver wild all-new branching of the single-player video game, House Party.

The Doja Cat side story, voiced by Doja herself is packed with unforgettable adventure, comedy, and mystery, as the teams at Bravado and Epik go big post-release. House Party is a 3D raunchy comedy adventure game developed and published by American studio Eek! Games available now on Steam/PC and coming soon to console.

In the upcoming DLC, players will navigate through an unpredictable night filled with outrageous party goers as they help Doja carry out a master plan to track down a masked dancing sensation who is taking the online world by storm. If you want to see what the fuss is about, play House Party and add the Doja DLC to your Steam wishlist right now.

“I’m so excited that I’m going to be a video game character,” says Doja Cat. “House Party is about to get even better. You gotta check this game out!”

Eek! Games are excited to reveal the Doja Cat House Party character to all her fans. Players can interact with the character in several ways. Get her to the party. Befriend her. Maybe even flirt and fall in love! Players will get to witness Doja Cat in three outfits; a casual black dress, music video performance attire, and a steamy hot tub bikini. Throughout gameplay, Doja will react to the craziness that ensues during the party, showcase custom dances, and performances, and create her next music video with the player’s assistance – for better or for worse!

For those wishing to know more, the House Party game features include:

  • Ground Breaking Character Engine/AI that gives every character a unique personality that reacts to player interactions.
  • Hundreds of stories with thousands of branching stories-lines.
  • Immersive party environment with 15 guests where players can engage in a dance-off, combat training, scavenger hunt, and many more fun activities.
  • Fully Voice Acted.
  • Celebrity Cameos including Youtube Gaming Personality duo, the Game Grumps, and now Doja Cat.
  • LGBTQ story content.
  • Custom Story Creator – Load and play stories created by other players right through the main menu.
  • Localized (closed captions) in 8 languages.

Eek! Games and Doja Cat are working closely together to create this incredible House Party experience. Not only are her in-game outfits being hand-selected by Doja herself – all of her character’s dialogue and reactions are also being approved for accuracy. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to party with Doja Cat, this will be your chance!

“We are beyond ecstatic to be working with Doja Cat and her team on this collaboration, says Bobby Ricci, Founder and CEO of Eek! Games. “Doja Cat was the perfect pick to star in our first major expansion pack, and the more we work with her, the more apparent that becomes. We are excited to be able to bring this unique experience to the gaming world with our key partners, Bravado and Epik who helped in aligning us with Doja Cat.”

Further, a portion of the proceeds from the Doja Cat game will be donated to Doja’s charity of choice, ACFS. ACFS is dedicated to the development and protection of children and their families through a focus on improving access to nutrition, health, early learning, and skills development.

Keep an eye out.

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