Deep Rock Galactic - Rival Tech Pack Xbox

Your enemy is your enemy for a reason, but you can at least sometimes admire their aesthetic. Admiring it is one thing, downright copying their look is a good power move. And that’s just what the Rival Tech Pack DLC offers for Deep Rock Galactic, and it is available to download right now on Xbox and PC.

Firstly, this DLC doesn’t let you become your rivals, nor does it let you blend in with them. The contents of this DLC are purely cosmetic; if you want to actually join your rivals, enlist for the other team.

This isn’t just a simply cosmetic pack for a few guns though, the Rival Tech Pack includes a new unique Weapon Framework for every single on of your weapons. Plus, lots more too:

– The Rival Tech Framework – a set of FULL MESH RESKINS of all weapons in the game in the style of our new rivals.

– Rival Tech Paintjob for all your Weapon Frameworks.

– Rival Tech Armor Paintjob to match your new weapon Framework.

– Rival Tech Paintjob for your trusty personal Pickaxe.

Even your pickaxe is getting a new paintjob!

Since its launch back in 2020, Deep Rock Galactic was won over legions of fans with a gameplay loop inspired by the likes of Borderlands, Minecraft and more. This co-op mining exploration game benefitted from a stay in the Xbox Game Preview programme and is now in Xbox Game Pass. This latest DLC won’t win over any new fans, but existing fans may want to change up their appearance a little bit.

The Deep Rock Galactic – Rival Tech Pack is on the Xbox Store now priced at £6.69. Whether you are inspired by the look your enemy is rocking, or just want to confuse your co-op partners, the Rival Tech Pack is the DLC for you.

DLC Description:

The Rival Tech Pack will let you deck out all your guns in theme with our new enemies – no reason to let all those lovely bits go to waste, after all! On top of the set of new unique Weapon Frameworks for all your weapons, the pack comes with a matching Paintjob for your Armors, as well as a new Paintjob for your Pickaxe.

Important note: The contents of this Pack are cosmetic only!

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