the endless summer surfing challenge xbox

There aren’t too many surf focused gaming experiences available on the market, yet today it’s time to get amped for the barrels with the release of The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge on Xbox. 

Already having spent time on PC through Steam – although it’s struggled to pick up many/any reviews that the teams behind it would want – The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge on Xbox now arrives on Xbox, going up against the likes of Surf World Series and the upcoming Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022

Priced at £6.69, The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge comes to console on the back of some big promises. Created by Ed Marx and published by SearchForSurf, there’s no debate that those behind it are proper surf dudes; there’s a tick in the positive box right away. 

It’s a game which is fully focused on the waves, giving you the chance to surf in style, with utter freedom. Should you be familiar with the sport then you’ll know all about the need to pump in order to gain speed, whilst gathering up air and hitting the tubes should be second nature. 

You’ll find a simple control scheme in plaxce, but levels in The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge which will slowly and surely ramp up in difficulty. There’s local multiplayer too, so you and a friend can share in the realistic physics together; across both timed and scored contests. 

We’ll be going hands-on with The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge real soon, so keep an eye out for our full review of the game and how it plays on Xbox Series X|S. 

You can grab a download for yourself by hitting up the Xbox Store. Alternatively, download it from Steam for PC

Game Description:

It’s about the wave. Surfing is about style, and freedom, and what you can do on a wave. Pump for speed and get air, or stall and pull in for a tube ride. Time your turns, delay your bottom turns, and control you speed for style. It’s a feeling that surfers get, that makes surfing cool, and riding waves addictive. Now you can experience the thrill of riding waves the way surfers have felt even before The Endless Summer iconic 60’s surfing film by Bruce Brown brought surfing to the world. Never caught a wave before? Never surfed? Can’t swim? It doesn’t matter. Now you can experience surfing through realistic simulation game play. Simple controls and incrementally more difficult levels will have you shredding like modern aerialist surfers in no time.

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