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Edit – Our full review of Bright Paw: Definitive Edition on Xbox is live.

It’s safe to say that cats are on the up. Granted, you may be a dog person and can’t think of anything worse than having the claws dug deep into you, but being honest with yourself, it’s the cats which are front and centre of the world; they rule the internet. That’s hopefully going to be the case with Bright Paw too, as it releases on Xbox. Don’t be a stray and miss this one. 

Bright Paw comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in Definitive Edition form, as the Radical Forge team behind it take what they’ve previously delivered to PC via Steam, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch, translating it to the Xbox world. 

Priced at £10.99, Bright Paw: Definitive Edition is about as close as you’re going to get to playing Stray on Xbox. Should you have been taken in by that PlayStation exclusive which has taken over the world – pretty much like all cats wish to do – then you would do well to check this one out. 

It places you in the furry deathmittens of Theo, a young feline who is looking to chase down the murderer of his owners. It’s here where you and Theo will get to work your way through Bright Paw Industries, as various secrets and mysteries play out. 

A narrative-pushed puzzle adventure, Bright Paw: Definitive Edition will take you through no less than seventy stages, all brought together with a fully voiced narrative. Progression will see that tale played out, but you’ll also find a host of collectibles to take home with you, as you slowly and surely discover what has happened to Theo and his parents. 

bright paw definitive edition

Don’t expect this to play as a fully open-world adventure though, it’s a card-based system that will dictate your every moves, Neatly though, once the story is done, you’ll be able to enjoy additional levels found in Theo’s Dreams, giving reason to keep heading back in to this feline fantasy. 

If you’re done with Stray (or can’t play it as it’s not currently on Xbox) and are looking for a new cat game to play, we’d push you straight towards Bright Paw: Definitive Edition on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S – fully optimised for the next-gen. The Xbox Store will provide the download you need. 

You’ll find this one on Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam) and mobile too. 

Game Description:

Play as the brave young Theo, guided by his Narrator as he chases after the murderer of his owners Nathaniel and Lauren. Explore the mysterious Bright Paw Industries, delving deep to reveal the secrets of its villainous dealings and the motivations behind the shadowy killer’s actions. Experience a narrative puzzle adventure like no other as you explore more than 70 bespoke levels interwoven with a charming fully voiced narrative & lovingly crafted original soundtrack. Discover more than 180 hidden collectables, revealing more about the events and the world surrounding Theo and his family.

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7 months ago

Imagine having to use another game to market a worse one.