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Need a little bit of Heart action? The latest Rocksmith DLC pack focuses firmly on the band to deliver a triple offering of classic tracks to potential guitarists around the globe.

The latest band to make the most of the weekly Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Rocksmith Remastered content drops is that of Heart – the decades-spanning American rockers who come with the Wilson sisters at the fore.

The Rocksmith Heart Song Pack comes with a £6.39 price tag attached, delivering the following three tunes for all to enjoy…

  • Alone
  • What About Love
  • Straight On

Further to that, each individual track can be grabbed for £2.39, so if you wish to learn the melodies of the ’70s classic Straight On, or prefer to delve into the slightly later tunes of Alone or What About Love, then the choice is there for you to do so.

As always, it matters little whether you own a copy of Rocksmith 2014 Edition, or the latter Rocksmith Remastered – all you need is a guitar, a console, the game, and the willingness to learn the required riffs. It also doesn’t matter whether you are playing on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 or PS4, as the content should now be available on all those formats.

Of course, us Xbox gamers will therefore need to visit the Xbox Store in order to enjoy the goodness that the Heart content brings to Rocksmith, whilst the PS guys and girls will do well to check out the PlayStation Store, but hey, we’re all gamers at the end of the day and when the opportunity to embrace a bit of classic rock comes about, it should matter little which format anyone prefers.

If you aren’t taken by this Heart pack, then the Rocksmith library is full of variety, with multiple packs galore to enjoy.

Will you be checking out these Heart tunes on Rocksmith? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on the usual social channels.

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