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Don’t freeze – Eville Season 2 sends us on a Journey to Frostpit


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Eville is the multiplayer social deduction game that launched at the back end of 2022, as players got the opportunity to betray their friends, to lie their way to victory. It’s now time for Season 2 of that betrayal fun to come to light, as we get to Journey to Frostpit. 

From VestGames and Versus Evil, Eville today receives a huge content update, one that is all focused on the arrival of Season 2: Journey to Frostpit. Playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC (Windows, Steam, Humble), Journey to Frostpit whisks players off to the snow-covered mining town of Frostpit; a place that is home to a bunch of Orcs. 

Frostpit sits in the mountains, and it’s here where Eville players will discover all new places to explore, and a whole host of new quests to complete – including the Orcs’ crowning achievement in the beautiful, yet imposing, mining facility and forge located at the heart of Frostpit.

Other points of interest include the monumental signal tower, an impossible to miss structure with an endless fire burning at the top. Players will also find familiar comforts such as lodging, merchants, and even the Herb Witch hut.

Frostpit comes with plenty of places to hide, from the down low to the up high. But as this is set in the mountains, you’ll not want to venture too far – the raging blizzard outside will deplete your health in an instant. 

Season 2 may focus on Frostpit as a whole, but it also brings forth more than forty-five new store items to purchase. New avatars, like the Moon Order Ambassador Acora and the Orc Miner, will also be available in a variety of styles. The store will also feature a full set of home furniture thematically fitting the Frostpit map, and by popular demand, dance emotes will make their Eville debut so you can celebrate good deeds, or dastardly doings, with some sweet moves. Everyone HAS to have a dance emote, no?

You’ll find Eville Season 2 Journey to Frostpit rolling out right about now. You’ll need the base game obviously (and that’s free on Game Pass if you like), but then there’s also now the opportunity to grab sixty-off levels of joy with the Season 2 Pass – it’ll cost you £5.79 but once totally leveled up, will deliver…

  • • 4x Avatars
  • • 1x Pet
  • • 7x Style-Variations for Avatars
  • • 5x Back-Items
  • • 6x Accessories
  • • 4x Emotes
  • • 6x Stickers
  • • 5x Paintings
  • • 4x Loading Screens
  • • 7x Badges
  • • 1200 Silver Crowns for the cosmetic store
  • • 2x 25% XP-Boosters

And then there’s also the Eville Frozen Tundra Pack for £20.99. This brings together the base game with the Season 2 Pass and the limited time Frost Golem Pack. 

Let us know what you decide to grab. 

Eville is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

DLC Description:

Welcome, Villager. Let us travel together to Frostpit! The Eville Season 2 Pass offers 60 levels of exciting new content! It includes new Avatars, Accessories, Emotes, Dances, Stickers, Silver Crowns and more! This Pass also introduces pets to Eville! The tale says that a god fell near Frostpit, giving its essence to the earth. Its powers now live within this animated statue: The Animated Cobalt Wolf! Unlock new items with each level and discover Epic or even Legendary items for you to equip or use in the game. The included XP Boosters allow you to earn up to 50% more XP on each match and challenge completed. Purchasing the Eville Season 2 Pass will also unlock all premium rewards from the levels you’ve already completed.

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