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Bullet hells are called bullet hells for a reason; as you attempt to dodge all the projectiles flying in every direction you shout expletives that should only be reserved for the devil. It is a strange concept but loved by many. Hundred Bullets puts a calming spin on this genre, however. Find out how today as Hundred Bullets launches on Xbox.

Described as a twist on a traditional shoot ‘em up, in Hundred Bullets you shoot the bullets yourself. Then, these are the ones you have to dodge. Shoot your 100 and then move around the map as best as you can to avoid the shots. By being able to place your bullet fire yourself, you can manipulate the trajectory and make the level that little bit easier. If things are still a bit too tricky, each level has a difficulty choice making this more bullet heaven than bullet hell.

The levels are all adorned by spiritual symbols to help ease players into a calmer state of mind. Symbols from Buddhism, African religions, Celtic and more are all in Hundred Bullets. Some levels also feature short passages known as kōans that are used in Zen practice to test progress in Zen studies.

Available to download now, Hundred Bullets will cost £8.39 on the Xbox Store. This title is Optimised for Xbox Series X|S and is playable at 120fps for those with screens that allow it. Stay tuned for our review coming soon once we have finished our meditations.

Game description

Hundred Bullets is a twist on a SHMUP, it’s Don’t Shoot Yourself Up. In this re-invention of the SHMUP genre as a puzzle, dodge a hundred of your own bullets and encounter your own actions as the enemy. You control the bullet pattern, can you outsmart the walls that surround you? Navigate through your own inner conflict with this minimalist brain teaser. Survive to find that one piece of the puzzle that will help you break through the barrier.

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