You should never go out alone, especially when the weather is bad. Thankfully though the teams at Klei Entertainment and 505 Games have come together to ensure your safety with the Don’t Starve Mega Pack.

Due to arrive in stores come 17th April (NA) and 20th April (EU), the Don’t Starve Mega Pack adds together the original Don’t Starve experience, with the Don’t Starve Together multiplayer add-on and all the game’s expansions. It’ll come in at $29.99 which represents a rather decent 25% saving over individual purchases.

Expanding upon Don’t Starve’s already content-rich gameplay, you’ll find the following included:

  • Don’t Starve Together – A standalone multiplayer expansion to Don’t Starve where players must team up with their friends to gather resources and craft survival items, or strike out against their own, to last the nights.
  • Reign of Giants – An expansion pack that brings new characters, environments and beasts to the worlds of Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together! Reign of Giants brings new mysteries, scientific innovations, resources and massive creatures of the wilderness to either help you or kill Wilson and his companions;
  • Shipwrecked — A single player story expansion in which players will find themselves stranded on a tropical archipelago and must learn to survive all over again with new biomes, seasons, creatures, resources and recipes to discover, craft and survive against.

The Mega Pack will also include a rather awesome looking custom controller skin featuring high quality, full-color art of the distinctive creatures and inhabitants from the beloved franchise.

PS4 survivors will also get two PS4 dynamic themes to enjoy:

  • The Shipwrecked theme: Set sail and head to the tropical high seas with Wilson who has found himself in troubled waters. This fully animated theme from Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked is scored with official music and drawn in the game’s signature style.
  • Autumn Theme: Wilson survives in Autumn in this animated theme from Don’t Starve. Scored with official music and drawn in the game’s signature style.

About Don’t Starve:

In Don’t Starve, players take on the role of Wilson – a Gentleman Scientist who is trapped in a mysterious world by a demon – and must learn to exploit their environment and its inhabitants in order to return home. Contending against randomly generated worlds filled with dark and eccentric visuals and a full range of environmental hazards that only a full year of seasons can bring. To survive, players must explore the world to discover its’ mysteries, gather a variety of resources and craft items and structures that match their survival style – all without instructions, help or hand-holding.

Console survivalists will receive exclusive features such as split-screen local co-op so they can grab a controller with a friend and explore the depths of the wild together without connecting online.



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