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If you cast the net wide enough, when you drag it back in you’ll find all manner of goodies attached. And with Bassmaster Fishing 2022, Dovetail Games have today dragged in and detailed out the 10 playable professional anglers who will be present in game. 

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is the official game of B.A.S.S. and in it players will be able to experience the thrill of Big Bass Fishing. It plans to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC through both Steam and the Microsoft Store at some point this coming Fall, and when it does, you can be sure that it’ll provide a highly detailed replica of the real-world bass fishing life. 

Much of the draw of Bassmaster Fishing 2022 – and if we’re honest, most of Dovetail’s title (Train Sim World, Fishing Sim World and Euro Fishing for instance), will be found in the authenticity. Slap bang at the core of what Bassmaster Fishing 2022 will provide, the development team has spent considerable effort in bringing the real-life anglers to the virtual world, accurately recreating them with in-game models capturing everything including their hair, facial features, and body shape. And just like in real life, each of the playable anglers will have access to a selection of equipment from real-world sponsors for maximum immersion.

But there’s more and in addition to the roster of professional anglers, players will be able to create their own custom angler to challenge the pros in the hopes of becoming the next Bassmaster Classic Champion! 

So who are those Bassmasters Dovetail Games will let us get the chance to play as? Well, the full lineup includes:

  • Scott R. Martin: From Clewiston, Florida, Scott R. Martin brings his highly successful brand of bass fishing to the Bassmaster Series. Scott is a seven-time FLW Tour Champion and a two-time Gold Medal Winner, don’t overlook Scott. 
  • Hank Cherry: Joining the team from Lincolnton, North Carolina, is the two-time back-to-back Bassmaster Classic Champion, Hank Cherry. 
  • Carl Jocumsen: The first ever Australian angler to qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series, Carl Jocumsen joins the Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 pro angler team. 
  • John Crews: A Bassmaster Series veteran, John Crews from Salem, Virginia joins the team. With over 200 Bassmaster tournaments under his belt, John is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Scott Canterbury: 2019 Angler of the year winner from Odenville, Alabama: Scott Canterbury. Scott’s experience in Bassmaster makes him a great pro to play as in Bassmaster® Fishing 2022
  • Stetson Blaylock:  Stetson Blaylock from Benton, Arkansas joins the Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 pro line up. With an Elite Series win on his record, Stetson is not to be messed with on the water.
  • Takumi Ito:  Recent winner of the 2021 St. Lawrence River Event from Chiba, Japan: Takumi Ito. If Takumi’s enthusiasm doesn’t make him a top pick, then his stats surely will.
  • Jeff Gustafson:  From Keewatin, Canada, and a 2021 Elite Series winner on the Tennessee River, we have Jeff Gustafson who joins the Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 team. 
  • Buddy Gross:  From Chickamauga, Georgia, one of the in-game venues, Buddy Gross is a playable angler. Consider Buddy when picking a pro angler and see if home advantage comes into play when fishing Lake Chickamauga!
  • Skylar Hamilton:  Skylar Hamilton from Dandrige, Tennessee joins the team! Skylar has plenty of experience on the water, an Elite Series win and multiple top 10 finishes within the Elite Series, Skylar Hamilton will be sure to challenge the leaderboards.

We’ll be sure to bring you further Bassmaster Fishing 2022 updates as and when they drop. For now, kick back with the trailer below and then hold tight for the game to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC in the Fall. 

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