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There are times when you need to put down the rifle or get out from behind the wheel of the fastest race cars. With Cubot arriving on Xbox One, that time is now…especially when it arrives for less than half a pint of beer.

Now that the technical difficulties are out of the way, Cubot can be picked up from the Xbox One Games Store. The Complexity of Simplicity can be grabbed for a measly £1.59. A puzzle title in which you need do nothing else other than move around coloured cubes, it may seem simple at first, but like all good puzzlers, will quickly become rather complex.

Its name just about speaks for itself!

We will of course have a full review for you soon, but at the price, surely this is worth a little punt?

Game Description:

At first sight, Cubot is a puzzle-game with a minimalist gameplay, just move color cubes towards tiles of the same color. It’s really easy, but it will be a torture for your mind to complete all levels of the game because the apparent simplicity of the game is in contradiction with the complexity of the puzzles. Moreover, an important point in the gameplay is if you have multiple cubes, they move simultaneously! Features: – Easy gameplay, just move cubes… that’s it! – Simplistic but not repetitive, use different elements to achieve your goal: buttons, elevators, color swappers, teleporters… – The game and menus have a clean look to not disturb your concentration. In the same vein, the music is very soothing. – There are 80 levels for several hours of playing to keep you challenged. – The challenge increases level by level. If you are stumped, help is available!

The Xbox One Games Store is waiting for your cash.



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