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As a Rocksmith player there are all manner of stunning musical opportunities that open up. With multiple band-focused song packs, additional tutoring tools and even more songs that cover a variety of genres, there is no chance anyone spending time with the fastest way to learn guitar could ever feel shortchanged. But rarely do we see a single addition to the library hit home – however when that one song is the opening track to DragonForce’s upcoming long-player, interest levels certainly rise.

DragonForce will be found releasing their latest album, Extreme Power Metal, to the world come September 27th 2019, but ahead of that release Rocksmith rockers get the chance to purchase, download, learn, play and master the opening track – Highway to Oblivion.

The singular Rocksmith download of the week, Highway to Oblivion is the headlining act – the only act in fact – that once more sees the Rocksmith library expand again, with DragonForce opening up and saying ahh, allowing gamers the globe over access to their latest tracks before the album has even dropped.

Coming with a price of £2.49 attached, Highway to Oblivion promises to be one hell of a learning experience, no doubt pushing even the most skilled Rocksmith player to the utter limits.

To get involved you’ll just need the usual copy of Rocksmith to hand – either the 2014 Edition or that of the Remastered version – and then be left to make your way to the Xbox Store should you be an Xbox One or Xbox 360 gamers, or the PlayStation Store if you prefer to rock out on PS3 and PS4.

With this being a week short on content – but no doubt high on quality – it obviously leaves the door ajar for any rocker looking for further additions to their library to jump into the back catalogue a little, grabbing some past DLC additions that may have been missed. Let us know what you decide to grab in the comments below, but we reckon the draw of a brand new track from DragonForce may just be enough to prise open the old creaky wallet.

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