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Ever wanted to just drink milk and save Hell? Well, in Lou’s Revenge that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

The first satirical action-RPG in which you get the chance to play as Satan’s son, Lou’s Revenge on Xbox One promises to bring together all manner of odd ideas – like drinking milk and saving Hell. Yep, SAVING HELL!

Available to purchase and download this very minute on Xbox One, Lou’s Revenge will set you back a nifty little £16.74, and by getting hold of a digital copy you’ll find yourself thrust into Hell; but it’s not how you would imagine it to be. And it’s certainly not like you’ll have fallen into the world of DOOM Eternal by mistake.

This Hell has been taken over by some vile evil – people – and it’ll be up to you as Lou, Satan’s son, to fight back and ensure the madness hidden under is kept deep, dark, and horrible.

Lou’s Revenge comes with four unique levels that each show the hellish world in a way never before seen, as you go about battling back against these people – and some epic bosses – with a whole range of guns, weaponry, magic and superpowers. Oh yeah, and you’ll have some milk too.

Should you be after a nice little combination of modern-day satire, pain and nonsense, then Hell may well be the place for you. Get yourself over to the Xbox Store this instant, grab a download, and prepare for the craziness to unfold.

Game Description:

Lou’s Revenge is the first satirical action-RPG in which you can play Lou, Satan’s son! Ever wondered what it’s like to be Satan’s son? Nothing special… Brawls, endless joy and reckless shooting — the usual routine. Save Hell! Wait… What? Yup, that’s right – Hell! It’s not the place it used to be – Hell’s been possessed. Possessed by the most vile dark hideous evil the world has known — people. They’ve turned your stronghold of sin into a madhouse, and only you can stop them! Choose the right side of evil and rescue your “”princess”” — the most badass dare-deviless Hell has ever seen.

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