united assault normandy 44 xbox

Want to relive the assaults of Normandy? United Assault – Normandy ’44 on Xbox will whisk you back to the grim reality of war. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, United Assault – Normandy ’44 from Polygon Art is the latest World War title to attempt to draw players in. This one works as a roguelite, as you make the most of first person shooting action and Polygon Art’s depiction of Normandy in 1944. 

You play as a paratrooper, drafted in and dropped behind enemy lines as you prepare for the arrival of D-Day. it’s up to you to get involved in whatever you can find, taking out tanks, destroying whole banks of arsenal, and running away with the most secret of documents. Hell, United Assault – Normandy ’44 will even give you the opportunity to fully liberate a small town should you so wish. 

With rewards on offer, along with the increase in rank, you’ll slowly begin to unlock additional weaponry, all as the roguelite nature kicks into play. From there, rinse and repeat is the best course of action. 

Fully optimised for the next-gen with 60fps promised on Xbox Series X|S, along with the inclusion of Smart Delivery and 4K visuals, on the face of it United Assault – Normandy ’44 should be one to excite. We’ll find out with a full review when we can. 

The problem is, Polygon Arts don’t have much of a rich history in these type of games, having previously delivered the utterly dire Strike Force Terrorist Hunt (we gave that a 1/5 in review) and Beyond Enemy Lines – Remastered Edition (a game we reviewed with a 0.5/5 score) coming before this one. We’ll obviously see what’s what but it may be worth you holding back on the cash for now. 

If you disagree and reckon that United Assault – Normandy ’44 is one for you, get over to the Xbox Store and fill your paratrooping boots for £12.49. 

Game Description:

United Assault – Normandy ’44 is an open world rogue lite FPS set in 1944’s depiction of Normandy. You are a US army paratrooper dropped into enemy territory to prepare the D-Day. Your mission objectives vary form destroying Panzer IV tanks, Flak 88 cannons to obtaining secret documents or even liberate an entire town. After completing your objectives, exfiltrate and claim your rewards. Higher ranks will unlock new weapons and allow you to customize your start loadout.

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