Free-to-play games are great, but in order to make a living those same titles are usually sent some premium downloadable content. That is never more true than with World of Tanks and today it has been hit with a new mega bundle – but the price is pretty damn big!

The Dual Trainer Mega Bundle for World of Tanks is now available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. It delivers a fairly hefty wedge of content too with XP boosts, 30 days of premium gameplay and a whole ton of new tanks, rammers and more. There is however a downside and that comes in the form of the £54.99 price tag.

Yep, that’s a biggy eh!?

In fact, it’s probably too big a hit for many to bother with, but should you be an avid World of Tanks player, then you may not be able to ignore the latest content. If you can’t, then the Xbox Games Store may well be your best friend. Just check that wallet first!

DLC Description:

The Captured KV-1 gives the German arsenal another relentless heavy tank, while the Legion Patton is a hybrid of American and Chinese designs. These two are the latest hot commodities with the Captured KV-1 capable of training German-Soviet Crews, and the Legion Patton doing the same with American-Chinese Crews.This bundle includes:• German Tier V Captured KV-1 Heavy Tank• Improved Ventilation Class 3• Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer• Enhanced Gun Laying Drive• Chinese Tier VIII Legion 59-Patton Medium Tank• Enhanced Gun Laying Drive• Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer• Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1• Captured KV-1 and Legion 59-Patton Ace Ops• 30 Days of Premium• (30) Op x3 XP Boost


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