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Back in the day, when the Xbox Games With Gold scheme was the brightest star in the Xbox galaxy, we found it delivering title upon title for free to Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers. Many of these debuted in the scheme, pushed out in order to ensure that as many players as humanly possible were able to take in the gameplay within. But then the Xbox Game Pass popped up and stole the Games With Gold thunder, gathering interest and stealing the newest of games for its own purposes. Today we go back in time as a game is found debuting in the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for July 2020. And sitting alongside the arrival of that new affair – Dunk Lords – comes an old-school Xbox 360 offering in the form of JUJU. And yep, both of those games are now free to download.

We’ll start with the Xbox One title at hand and Dunk Lords makes its debut on Xbox One via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for July 2020. Usually sitting with a £16.74 price tag in place, if you have an Xbox Live Gold membership then you can grab a copy of Dunk Lords for free – just be sure to action your download prior to mid-August and all will be good in the world.

But what is it, and why do we see Dunk Lords arrive on Games With Gold? Well, simply put, Dunk Lords is a head-to-head, two-on-two basketball beat ’em up in which you’ll hit the basketball courts in hope of winning out over your opposition. Complete with a variety of moves, dunk abilities and power-ups that change the course of the game, if you think of yourself as one of the biggest ballers of all-time, Dunk Lords will let you prove it. 

It’s helped along by a variety of game modes too with a local Arcade Mode catering for up to four players, whilst the Gauntlet Mode will see one or two go head-to-head in order to obtain the highest of scores. But then there is also a Story Mode, available to play through with a friend should you so wish, and this looks to ensure a bit of longevity is in place. 

Throw in 20 playable characters, 45 different item types, and 15 courts, and should you be looking for a new basketball title to tide you over till NBA 2K21, then this may well – or not – be it.  We’ll have a full review of Dunk Lords coming your way in the days ahead, but whilst it is free to download you’d be crazy not to give it a go. Just pop on over to the usual Xbox Store and grab what is in place. 

juju xbox 360

Should Dunk Lords not be for you, but you’re still in need of a new game, then the second mid-term Xbox Games With Gold offering may well suffice.

JUJU first released on Xbox 360 back in December 2014, giving us the chance to take in an adventure with a shaman panda and his little lizard mate. Yep, the duo of JUJU and Peyo were looking to save the former’s father from evil forces, allowing us to run, bounce, chant and battle against numerous foes. 

Our review stated that whilst it wasn’t going to be the best game you had ever played, it certainly wasn’t the worst either. If anything if you have a small child looking for something colourful to take in, JUJU probably just about suffices. 

As always if you’re looking to grab JUJU and wish to fill your digital library with a new game, the Xbox Store will help you out. Just be aware that you’ve got until the end of July to take home the free download.

If you haven’t yet picked up WRC 8 for free thanks to the Xbox Games With Gold scheme either, then get to it.

Dunk Lords Description:

You might be able to ball, but can you fight? Dunk Lords is a two-on-two basketball beat ’em up featuring over-the-top special moves, devastating dunks, and game-changing equipment. Choose from 20 of the baddest ballers around, each with unique special attacks and abilities, and do battle on a variety of hazard-filled courts. Gain the upper hand as you slam opponents with Slice’s powerful digital blast, or trap players in grandma’s jam jar as Frank the strawberry. But to keep the beatings going, you’ll need to earn more special attacks through high-flying dunks or confidence-smashing rejections. Score from shot pads on the court to rack up additional bonuses such as money, extra points, and more. Mega shot pads even allow players to grow to an enormous size and dunk through the ceiling. Still not powerful enough? Players can also purchase equipment that increase their abilities. Imagine lacing up shoes that let you dunk from anywhere inside the three point line, suiting up in magnetic armor that pulls loose balls your way, or slipping on spooky gloves and shooting ghostly shots that can’t be blocked.

JUJU Description:

Journey with the shaman panda, Juju, and his lizard sidekick, Peyo, as they embark upon a dangerous and mystical journey to save Juju’s father and the world from an ancient evil. Run, bounce, chant, and battle humongous bosses with a friendor family member in this beautifully animated, lighthearted adventure.

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