The developers at Square Enix have come with a new ‘recipeh’! Or rather, they’ve come up with the final (currently available through the Season Pass) piece of DLC for Final Fantasy XV, and this time it focuses on camp chef, Ignis.

This DLC episode takes place during the end of Chapter 9 of the main game after Noctis has completed The Trial of Leviathan in the city of Altissia. Much like previous DLC has focused on when other party members disappear and have this moment of self-realisation, Episode Ignis will be doing the same. Without spoiling too much from the main story though, what happens to Ignis at the end of this DLC is not a pleasant moment of self-realisation for him.

As you are controlling Ignis in this DLC he has a few unique abilities to take into battle with him. The first is Overclock where he imbues daggers with magic before flinging them at his enemies. He also has a high jump ability where he adopts a Dragoon like stance and takes down his targets from above. Finally, he can ignore what is happening around him in the heat of the battle to rustle up a quick meal. No matter the situation, our Ignis always finds time for cooking!

Like the other DLC episodes, Ignis is available for £3.99 separately, or part of the £19.99 Season Pass, which also includes the other 2 character DLCs (Episode Gladious and Episode Prompto) and the Multiplayer Expansion, all available now.

DLC description:

With fast-paced battles and multiple endings, experience untold events from one of the most dramatic parts of FINAL FANTASY XV. Told from the perspective of Noctis’s ally Ignis, the city of Altissia lies in ruins and Ignis must face the Niflheim Empire to protect Noctis at all costs. Joining Ignis is Ravus, high commander of the Empire, who is determined to save his sister, Lunafreya.

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