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For years, I’ve been banging on about the Dark Cloud series on PS2, and how the world would be a much, much better place if it was resuscitated for next gen platforms. While I wait patiently for a billionaire benefactor to overhear me, Dwarrows does the next best thing, and captures the spirit of Dark Cloud for a whole new series. 

If you’ve not played the Dark Cloud series, it’s a fantastic marriage of town-building and action-RPG. You’re wandering the wide world, and bringing back resources and townsfolk who then populate your town. A better town means better and more provisions for adventuring, and the cycle continues. Dwarrows glues to that template nicely. 

You play one of three dwarves who scout the lush forests of the Dusken Woodlands for stuff to be hauled back to your town. Resources, artifacts and people can be found in the wilds, and all of them can be installed in your own personal dwarrows. From trailers and screenies, the degree of customisation and where you can place things is fine-grained, so you can create the town that you fancy. 

Ditching the Dark Cloud comparisons, Dwarrows also has plenty of character of its own. There seems to be a wide cast of fanciful characters, particularly in the creatures you find around the forests and dungeons. You can befriend these animals who will then help you get around, as you cross paths with useful crows, wisps and other fauna. You can even get on good terms with the local wood-elves, with the ultimate aim of getting them to shack up in your town. 

There are three starting characters to play with in Dwarrows, and they each have their own abilities and loadout. You will need to use them in different ways to gather all of the different treasures and resources to be found in Dwarrows.

Key features include:

  • Explore: Play as three uniquely skilled characters to quest and puzzle through a peaceful and atmospheric world.
  • Gather: Supply your town with resources gathered from the land surrounding it, from hidden treasures, and other wonders.
  • Build: Discover and unlock new structures to grow and improve your town.
  • Befriend: Find friendship in the local wildlife to help boost your town and character abilities, and invite the wandering Wood-Elves to join and grow your town.

Our review of Dwarrows on Xbox is live. There may be Dark Cloud comparisons, so watch out.

Dwarrows is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and starts at £24.24 from the Xbox Store. It’s also out on the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5 alongside a previous drop on PC through Steam

Game Description:

Build and grow a new settlement and explore the lands surrounding it in this Peaceful Action-Adventure & Town-Builder. Search the lush forests of the Dusken Woodlands for resources, and adventure through mysterious new places to find lost artifacts. Meet strange and quirky characters along the way, invite wandering people to join your town, and befriend cute animals who may help you in your travels. Control your team of three uniquely skilled characters to gather resources, build structures, and find treasure.

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