In order to be Reborn, I guess you have to first Die. Which is probably how DYING: Reborn works!

Available right now on Xbox One, DYING: Reborn comes with a $19.99 price tag – although for a little while that comes with a $5 launch discount. You’ll need to be in the North American region in order to ‘enjoy’ it, but should you be looking for a game that brings challenging puzzles, the unravelling of a story and a full 3D environment to explore, then it should just about suffice.

If you’re after something which will test the old grey matter, and aren’t afraid of a bit of mild horror, the you should be heading to the Microsoft Store and taking in the hardcore escaping experience that it brings.

Sat on the fence and not sure whether it is for you? Our full review will be with you very shortly. Keep an eye out for it.

Game Description:

“I want to play a game, it will help you remember something kept away in memories’ deepest recesses.” + Search for ITEMS, beat the challenging puzzles, breakthrough layers of trials he sets up for you. + Collect FRAGMENTS, unravel the true story behind, recall a big mistake once you made. + Move freely and Explore, in a Full 3D environment. Enjoy the “Mild-Horror” and “Classic-style Puzzle-solving” —— a hardcore escaping experience. “Those who have experienced the fear of DYING, will truly understand the joy of Reborn.” “Game Start.”

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