It originally released back in October 2017 for just the North American market. But now, those of us residing in the UK are getting the chance to enjoy the full escape room experience as DYING: Reborn has arrived.

Available right now from the Microsoft Store, DYING: Reborn will set you back £15.99 – although for the next couple of weeks you’ll be able to get a little launch discount that sees that price dropped to £11.99. Promising to test your mind to the max with its escape room ideas, DYING: Reborn will give you the opportunity to move around a 3D environment as you attempt to solve puzzle after puzzle and escape the horror of each room.

It won’t be easy, and you’ll need to employ all manner of thinking in order to make your way through the cerebral horror experience it delivers, but should that be your thing, then you’ll probably find plenty of enjoyment in DYING: Reborn.

For further details, the Microsoft Store will let you in on the action, whilst our full review of the game should help ease any negative thoughts you may initially have. Give it a read and let us know if you’re be dropping in on the hardcore puzzler by posting in the comments below.

Game Description:

“I want to play a game, it will help you remember something kept away in memories’ deepest recesses.” + Search for ITEMS, beat the challenging puzzles, breakthrough layers of trials he sets up for you. + Collect FRAGMENTS, unravel the true story behind, recall a big mistake once you made. + Move freely and Explore, in a Full 3D environment. +Specifically designed new exploration elements and hidden content for Xbox One version. When you think you’ve solved all the puzzles, there seems to be something else hiding in the hotel all the time Enjoy the “Mild-Horror” and “Classic-style Puzzle-solving” —— a hardcore escaping experience. “Those who have experienced the fear of DYING, will truly understand the joy of Reborn.” “Game Start.”

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