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The latest Xbox Deals With Gold sale is now live and it’s looking very EA orientated!

Available right now to all Xbox Live Gold members, the Xbox Deals With Gold for 29th July-4th August 2014 sees discounts in place for a number of EA titles, from shooters to sports games.

You can pick up the discounts above by visiting the Xbox Games Store or by firing up your 360 console. As always, region variations may apply.

At the moment the only Xbox One deal showing is Battlefield 4 – Second Assault for £7.99. It appears China Rising map pack (£7.99), Naval Strike map pack (£7.99), Ultimate Shortcut Bundle (£26.79) and the Battlefield 4: Premium (£26.79) are all 33% off too.


If you don’t have Xbox LIVE Gold then there’s one game on sale in the form of The Splatters that is on sale for £3.37/$4.99


  1. That has to be the most pathetic sale I’ve ever seen. Is Microsoft trying to piss in our mouths? Beyond unacceptable.

    • Angry pony boy…the world hates the angry ps4 pony community. Internet lies and anti xbox one propaganda cant change the fact that xbox one has better games and features than ps4. Go back to playing your worthless indies and stop trolling xbox one articles to write your angry pony comments.

      • How about you ask me on XBL where you can stare at my gamertag. You’ll shut your mouth with that “pony” shit in a hurry, I guarantee it. But hey, let’s just pretend calling someone a pony makes these deals not shit.

        • Angry pony boy…pony fruit…pony troll…pony fool. Fell for internet lies and propaganda pony fruit ??? I would be mad too ! Xbox one….better games..better system…better features…better company…better future than ps4. You be angry and keep waiting for greatness !

          • Forzafailever you are wrong, lying, mentally ill, and full of deranged hatred. Stop spreading fanboy lies, FUD, and hatred.

          • Dude… RogerDodger, you’re an idiot, I’ve been an xbox owner/fan since way before I finally got a PS3 and just abandoned my 360… Now I have an XB1 and haven’t yet bought a PS4 but I am not very happy with the shit they’re throwing at us… it’s simple to see that PS+ is still way better than XBLGold… it’s as simple as that, we’re not complaining about the machine, just what they’re (not) offering us in ways of discounts and free games!

  2. Whilst we absolutely hate telling people what is and what isn’t correct, we’ve had to delete a few comments in this post that have quite clearly bordered on the trolling/personal abuse line. By all means give your opinions (good and bad) but please try and keep things civil. Cheers. Now, these deals……..


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