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EA FC 24 headlines the new additions to Xbox Game Pass this week


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What’s coming to Game Pass this week?

The introduction of new titles via Game Pass is an absolute norm and regularity for Xbox fans, consolidating the service as one of the best subscriptions in gaming. 

This week, we have one of the biggest sports games in the world making its way to Game Pass (we’re pretty sure you can guess that one), as well as a few indie gems that are certainly worth your time. Read on for the definitive list of titles releasing onto Game Pass this week!

25 June – EA Sports FC 24 – Xbox, PC & Cloud – via EA Play

Undoubtedly the biggest draw of Game Pass this time around is the footballing giant by the name of EA Sports FC 24. The first iteration of EA’s soccer series since the rebranding from the more palatable FIFA name, the classic Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and more are all present, meaning that you can play the world’s game any way you wish.

EA FC 24 is also currently celebrating the European Championship, with a ton of in-game content spanning various modes. There’s no better time to jump in for a few quick matches, or perhaps even a player career spanning multiple years. 

EA FC 24 will be available on Xbox, PC and Cloud Game Pass via EA Play. Keep in mind that EA Play titles are only available as part of a Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass PC subscription – if you want to play on Xbox, you’ll have to have Game Pass Ultimate.

26 June – SteamWorld Dig – Xbox & Cloud

It’s been nearly a decade since SteamWorld Dig debuted on Xbox consoles (back in the infancy of the Xbox One, would you believe!), yet the popular action-platformer steams on even today. 

With minor Metroidvania elements throughout, this is an extensive platformer that is procedurally generated every time you play. And thus, many hours of fun can be had here, as you battle against foes, interact with a wacky cast of robot characters, and embark on the pursuit for treasure!

Fans of the likes of Spelunky should certainly give this one a look; inspiration for the current boom of Metroidvanias and roguelikes that we are experiencing. It’s available this week via Xbox Game Pass, with the ability to play on the go via Cloud Gaming.

26 June – SteamWorld Dig 2 – Xbox & PC

And what would Game Pass be without SteamWorld Dig 2 coming along for the ride?! Indeed, both of the titles from Image & Form Games are coming to Xbox Game Pass on the exact same day, ensuring the definitive experience of the mining adventure series can be taken in on Xbox. The difference? Well, between the two the foundational gameplay loop of exploring mines and gathering treasure remains the same, however the sequel adds in even more abilities to utilise, and new enemies to defeat. 

It is worth noting that SteamWorld Dig 2 – but not the original SteamWorld Dig – is coming to PC Game Pass. 

However, with SteamWorld Dig costing just £7.19 via Steam currently, it’s not too much of a stretch to add both to your library this week.

27 June – Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders – Xbox, PC & Cloud

Rounding out the quartet of Game Pass additions this week is Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders. 

Coming day-one to the service for those on Xbox Series X|S (sorry Xbox One players, this one ain’t for you), Sherwood Builders is an intricate action-adventure RPG set in, of course, Sherwood Forest. You’ll be splitting your time between base-building in order to establish a community to rebel against the evil authorities, and engaging in third-person combat, where your bow and arrow is of course your most prized asset. 

Will you be able to rise up as Robin, and lead your infamous band of outlaws to glory? Remember, steal from the rich and give to the poor, as Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders launches on Xbox Game Pass. It’s also available on PC Game Pass, and via Cloud Gaming. 

Oh, and if you can’t wait until the 27th – why not check out Gangs of Sherwood on Xbox? You can find it over on the Xbox Store, with our full review here.

Which of these Game Pass titles are you most looking forward to giving a whirl this week? Remember, all that it will cost you is that precious storage space, not a penny spent! 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and via our usual social media channels.

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