EA Play came into town (well, two towns actually) and with it we got our first proper look at Battlefield 1…and it looks pretty damn awesome.

DICE have decided the best way to put you into the heart of the action of the Great War is to bring intuitive destruction, dynamic weather, the largest-ever fully player-controlled vehicles the world has ever seen and a whole new multiplayer game mode.

The world of Battlefield 1 will be ever changing and that ensures no battle is ever the same, and you’ll have to carve a path through walls and buildings in an attempt to take down your enemies in numerous ways. With Behemoths hitting the battlefield and bringing the largest ever vehicles to the world, you’ll get the chance to rain fire on your enemy in order to break their defences, whilst the opposing team try and take it down in order to change the world even more!


Dynamic weather will also play a huge part, forcing you to adapt your play style as the weather elements change during the heat of the battle, with fog, rain and more impacting on what you see and hear.

Operations introduces a completely new way to play multiplayer. In Battlefield 1 will you play a series of interconnected battles across multiple fronts. Play a sequence of battles where your actions have consequences beyond a single match, as you try to conquer territory or push back your attackers.

“With Battlefield 1 we’re looking to deliver the most dynamic shooter ever. We want to make sure that no battle is ever the same for the players, and with the introduction of Operations, we’re giving the fans variety for game play and creativity,” said Aleksander Grøndal, Senior Producer, DICE. “Plus, with the new Behemoths, only in Battlefield 1 can you bring an Air Ship to a dogfight.”

Battlefield 1 will arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come October 21st, 2016 although if you pre-order the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition you’ll be going hands on from October 18. Additionally, EA Access and Origin Access members will be able to check it out via the Play First Trials.

We’ve been lucky enough to go hands on with Battlefield 1 already and you can be sure our thoughts will be live shortly. War has never felt so epic!

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