Put your guns down and step away from the fast cars – all you have to do in Vostok Inc is make money. Lots and lots of money!

Running as a bit of a mix of Clicker Heroes and Geometry Wars, Vostok Inc tasks you with heading out into the galaxy, finding planets and building on them. All in order to earn as much cash as you can. And the more money you can make, the more you can build, which will in turn make even more dough. Basically, get earning big moolah and both you, and your wisecracking sidekick Jimmy, can live happily ever after.

With twin stick shooting mechanics holding together the exploration side of things, and then grinding tendencies ensuring the building format is well catered for, Vostok Inc is most definitely a title to sit down and relax with. Just be prepared for the grind it brings. Because that grind is a big one.

Our full review is already available for your perusal and if you like what you read, then we advise you to make your way to the Xbox Games Store and pay the required moolah, £11.99, in order to get your download running.

Game Description:

The Wolf of Wall Street… with lasers You’re the newly appointed CEO of Vostok Inc. As a greedy, space-capitalist your ultimate goal is to get filthy, stinking, rich! First you’ll need to raise some start-up capital by twin-stick blasting enemies, asteroids and anything else that gets in your way. Once you’ve collected enough moolah it’s time to land on planets and start mining, terraforming and colonising. Use that extra moolah to upgrade your ship, craft weapons and build more planetside business enterprises to rake make even more moolah! With your pockets overflowing, you’ll be able to expand beyond our solar system, across more than 40 planets, recruiting managers, playing awesome retro inspired mini-games, fighting evil bosses and listening to a thumping customisable synth soundtrack along the way, all the while letting the (you guessed it!) MOOOLAHHH!!! roll in. Vostok Inc. … Live rich and be prosperous!

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