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When Konami made the move from PES to eFootball, we were promised an ever-evolving platform that would allow football fans the world over to enjoy the beautiful game like never before. We’re not really sure those plans played out as they first imagined, but it’s not stopping them from pushing on regardless. Today it’s all about The Football Festival and Season 2 of eFootball 2023

It was back in August that eFootball made the transition from 2022 to the 2023 season, but honestly, even with the addition of a Friend Match mode and the like, eFootball 2023 is still struggling. 

Should you be one of those who have thrown in many hours to Konami’s footballing feista though then the arrival of Season 2 of eFootball 2023 and The Football Festival that is attached will no doubt bring the excitement. 

Quite obviously building on the back of the upcoming World Cup, The Football Festival adds in forty National Teams, all of which can be selected for a limited time in the offline Trial Match as well as in the online Dream Team mode. Running from now (well yesterday in fact, but it seems Konami have their days about as mixed as their minds) until mid-Feb 2023, the Trial Match will give you the chance to play 2v2 offline, so you can enjoy those international rivalries as the main action plays out. 

eFootball2023 Trial Match_National Teams

Further to that is the addition of The International Cup Experience. This is the World Cup in all but name, placing forty-six countries into group stages and knock-out football to ultimately find one winner. It starts today and runs until January 12th 2023, taking to the pitch alongside the previously announced and already running eFootball International Cup. 

Confused? You’re not the only one. 

But there’s more and a further four National Team Packs have been introduced to eFootball 2023. You’ll find Premium versions of France, Argentina, Brazil and Japan all present and correct, letting you further enhance your Dream Teams. There will be some new Big Time player packs kicking around too – expect these to recreate some of the finest moments of some of the greatest players to have ever played our game. 

So, eFootball 2023 is welcoming you into Season 2 and The Football Festival. Will you be joining? You’ll find the game is free-to-play across Xbox, PlayStation and PC. We’ll do our jobs correctly and point you to the Xbox Store so you can grab a download. 

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